Funny but instantly rewarding " The Tooth book" by Edward Miller

The Tooth Book:A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums by Edward Miller

From the publisher:
“Crunch!Munch!Most kids take their teeth for granted.However,without their pearly whites it would be much harder for them to eat,smile and talk.Edward Miller provides more than a mouthful of good advice on dental hygiene in this accessible guidebook that makes learning how to care for your teeth fun.”

What I like about this book is the whole concept and sections: tooth decay,proper brushing techniques,flossing, history and funny parts like lost tooth traditions from different parts of the world.
Great book for every age, brush beginners or the older ones which forget how to do job properly.
You have to check out this one,kids will get more into whole brushing and care thing. Also book has fantastic and fun illustrations that will entertain your whole reading experience.