Love for Cupcakes

Like every women(I think I can say that),I love chocolate and any fabulous dessert that has chocolate like “a secret ingredient”.Living in Europe made my sweet tooth obsessed mostly with chocolate ice-cream,mousses,fantastic cakes,small delicate cookies,and don’t want to forget amazing chocolate croissants.
Now, when I live in California I discovered fantastic sweet delight,cupcake.
So cute,convenient and tasty.Depending in what sweet mood you are that day cupcakes will be your perfect match,because they come in so many yummy flavors.
There is a great cupcake store and even more amazing cupcakes.
They bake their cupcakes from scratch every morning using best ingredients,always fresh and smelling fabulous. I have to say something about cupcake’s best part-frosting.I would prefer to call him amazing cream.It is so yummy no wonder why this bakery picked this cute name.
If you are visiting Santa Monica or Burbank be sure to stop by and try this great dessert.