Yummy Holiday Desert for the Whole Family

I love Holidays and cooking around this time of the year is special.Make it even more fun with this wonderful light desert recipe that everybody in your family will love.

White Clouds in the Yellow Bath

You will need:

For the White Clouds

3 cups of non-fat milk
6 large egg-whites
1/4 cup of powder sugar

For the Yellow Bath

1 cup of non-fat half&half
6 large egg-yolks
1/2 cup of powder sugar
1 tbsp of vanilla sugar

To make white clouds
Put the milk in the wide sauce pen and cook the milk over low-medium heat.Separate egg whites from the yolks(yolk set aside for later).Put the egg whites in the large bowl and using the electric mixer make a foam.Add sugar spoon by spoon.Whip until whites are firm but still glossy.One by one give the clouds bath in simmering milk.Poach the clouds one minute in each side.
When they are done transfer them in the big glass dish.

To make a Yellow Bath
In the same milk that you were cooking the clouds,add additional cream.Put the yolk and sugar in the heavy sauce pan and whisk until thick and pale.Add sugar and vanilla sugar.Using wooden spoon stir until smooth creamy custard is formed.
Top the white clouds with the yellow bath.Chill desert in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.Enjoy!