Who knew "TROUBLE" could be so much fun!

I was very pleasantly surprised when my hubby recently bought a family game “Pop-o-Matic Trouble”by MB Milton Bradley so we can all play together on the rainy days.And guess what it is Saturday and it’s raining.This game is fantastic.It is exciting and fun.Winner is ecstatic and lousers are,well just lousers.But they can be easily winners again if everybody wants to play another round.I was still in the kitchen preparing the lunch when my four year old said:”Mama,your colors are waiting!”That is so cute.Yes there are four colors for four players.Dice is locked in the big popping bubble so you don’t have to worry that will fly all over the room.I can definitely recommend this game for everybody.Ages are 5 and up.Let’s popping and hopping to see who will be the winner.I think sister will be winner next time!