My New Oval Covered Casserole!

Well,as you all know by now I love cooking and any time when I buy new cookware or any other kitchen gadgets I love to try it right away.This Oval Casserole with lid is fantastic,works like magic.I decided to come up with delicious garden lunch recipe.So I consulted my fridge,my ideas and voila!There it was.
Fabulous Stew with Chicken,Shallots,Mushrooms,Purple Potatoes and Baby Spinach.
It is so easy and very quick to prepare.
Brown the shallots with some evoo,add chicken(I love to use chicken thighs,they are always juicy).When almost done,add some sliced potatoes,mushrooms and spinach.Season well with sea salt,fresh ground pepper and some paprika.When everything starts bubbling add some chicken broth and let your casserole finish work for you.
After hour and the half dish was done and ready to enjoy.Best tasters are off course my little munchkins.They pour the stew two times in their kiddi bowls.What else should I say?
Bon Appetit!



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