If This Tree Could Only Talk!

Few days ago walking through the park my kids and I spotted a really big tree.The Crown of this beautiful tree will definitely catch attention of many people walking by.It is amazing felling standing under the huge tree because you can feel the energy.I don’t know is that because of the size,time the tree grows there or just the sound of leaves and birds who are always nesting in this tree.When you look on the ground and see the woody roots,wow it is absolutely amazing,their size,strenght,power and all those years.Very interesting isn’t it?

Telling you our story I would love to recommend anybody interested in trees-
The Book” Tell Me,Tree”(All about Trees for Kids) by Gail Gibbons
A wonderful Children’s book about trees and nature.
Beautiful large watercolors pictures are very neat and explanation facts about parts of the trees,different kinds and much more.If you and your kids love to explore nature and trees then this book is just perfect addition to your knowledge about trees.