Udon Soup with a Kick!

Well,recently I decided to take my cooking experience to the next level by adding Asian flair recipe to my knowledge and my spiral cookbook.
We enjoy eating Asian style dishes….Chinese food,Mandarin Chicken,Korean Gogi Gui(BBQ)but Japanese cuisine is our favorite.Japanese dishes are very well balanced and soups are just as they should be….light and perfectly seasoned.
My kids love Udon Noddles.Great,fun texture and thickness.Warm Udon dishes with sauce or soup are great choice for quick lunch.
So I decided to try an experiment,Udon soup,my way.

Udon Soup with Baby Spinach,Baby Carrots,Shiitake Mushrooms and Bacon (for 4 persons)

Chicken Stock-8 cups
Baby Spinach-2 handfuls
Shiitake Mushrooms-14 mushrooms
Baby Yellow Carrots-20 carrots
Bacon 12 strips
Shallot onion-1
Pack of Udon Noodles
Sesame Oil,Salt and Pepper,Soy-Sauce-for the taste

In big cooking pot brown finally chopped shallots.Add some sesame oil,salt and pepper.Don’t let shallots to burn,because they will be done very quickly.Add mushrooms and brown them lightly.Add chicken stock,carrots and spinach.
Cook for 40 minutes.
Now is the time to add Udon to the soup.Cook noodles for 5 minutes.Season with Soy Sauce.Cover the cooking pot with lid and let it stand for few minutes.You can add fresh chopped green scallions for additional taste.
In the meantime,place bacon slices on the baking sheet and bake it in the oven,400 degrees for 20 minutes.
Serve hot.Enjoy!