Month: January 2010

Club Penguin fun!

Disney Club Penguin is very popular social game for kids.You can be either non-member or member on or if that is not enough there is Nintendo DS Club Penguin game.I can go on and on with all kinds of accessories like:penguin figures,puffles,unlock coins….
Overall Club Penguin DS game is very interesting game.You can complete top secret missions as an Elite Penguin Force agent,play exclusive mini-games earn coins that you can transfer wirelessly to your online Club Penguin account.
Other words you can Waddle around anywhere anytime and meet new friends.
This game is girl and boy approved.
Fun and cute DS game.
This game is available in Toys”R”Us for $29.99


Love,Love,Love….Incredible tasty!

Any occasion,any time,those three favorites are just too good:
Fabulous Russian Salad,Savory Cabbage and Cookies from the past called Vanilice.
Russian Salad is delicious combination of vegetables:boiled peas,potatoes and carrots,crunchy pickles,ham and fabulous mayo off course.
Savory cabbage has a lots of stories….lots of occasions,usually is prepared with big roast or turkey or can be made-vegetarian style.With hint of bay leaf,onions and chicken stock just the smell will make you hungry in a matter of seconds.
Vanilice,old fashion recipe,my favorite.These delicate cookies run trough generations.Dough is perfection made of flour,walnuts,lemon juice,vanilla,eggs and butter.When baked you can dress them up with your favorite jam.I prefer Rosehip jam,taste is amazing.Finish is simple,powder sugar bath.So delicious.If anybody would love to have detail recipe,send me a note and I will be happy to send you a whole recipe.Have a nice day.