Westwood Village on the Saturday Afternoon :)

So, this Saturday my kids and I have some serious errands to run in Westwood.
I love this part of Los Angeles. Mix of history, tradition, real city feel and nice places to relax and eat tasty foods.
After quick shopping spree in Aahs store which have amazing eraser collection that my kids love especially food items:), we decided to try something different for lunch, Falafel King.
Falafel plate was ok. Falafels were good and crispy just like pickled beets and hummus. Chips was a little to much for me…greasy.
It was time for sweets so we headed to the Diddy Riese.
That is what I’m talking about! Kids were amazed. Sugar Kingdom. Big selection of freshly baked cookies and different kinds of ice cream. Ice cream sandwich anyone?
It was really delicious. I know it is sugar and more sugar but once in a while it’s fine.
Yes, we had a good time in Westwood Village and we will come back.


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