Lunch boxes makeover:)

It’s October and my kids are not happy with just a sandwich and a snack in their lunch boxes. I decided to take this seriously and update their lunches. First I purchased Thermos thermos for just $4.99 each. I have to say that they are wonderful and perfect for yogurt or fresh fruit. I decided to go with Fresh & Fit containers with build in ice pack. Size is very good even for the older kids  and they work just fine for the bigger sandwich or any kind of meal that you would like to send with your kids to school plus they don’t leak. In Toys r Us they are on sale 50%off, now $2.99 each, great deal.  Then I decided to take the lunches to the next level so for my ten-year old daughter I prepared spinach pie with cherry tomatoes on the side and Greek yogurt. For my five-year old boy, I made whole grain crepe filled with Nutella and peanut butter,  slices of banana and blueberry yogurt on the side. Kids were delighted, even got compliments from other kids and teachers asking about my culinary skills. Cute:)


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