Christmas Cookies – Vanilice

Take a look at my new YouTube video

Christmas cookies - Vanilice




  1. Wonderful job Irena! You look very professional:)I am just wondering when I am going to look calm in front of the camera:)) I made at least 50 videos and I don’t like any:)))

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am sure that at least one of your videos is super cool, it’s just we are sometimes tough critics.
      Let it in the air…..but I have to admit it is a lot of work, sweet work:)

  2. Zahvaljujuci video prilogu o pravljenju “vanilica” mnogo je lakse napraviti gotovo identicne. Sledeci uputstva napravili smo divne vanilice koje smo pojeli u slast vec u toku dana.
    Pozdravljamo ideju sa video prilozima.
    Mica i Lida

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