Breakfast Project, accomplished:)

Another day, another breakfast. This time I wanted to make something good, tasty, nutritious, light and to keep me going till late afternoon….but still needs to look dazzling:)
Sloppy or just throw on the plate dishes doesn’t really invites you to sit on the table and enjoy meal.
I considered my few favorite breakfast items and made little bowl of happiness.

Non fat plain yogurt, blueberries, toasted wheat germ, tiny waffle french toast pb&j- all served on the bed of lace thin omelette.
How about that?
You have your egg in the morning, creamy yogurt, fresh blueberries, healthy wheat germ and dessert, little fancy pb&j.
Needs just a few minutes to be made and ready to serve.
Best way to serve wheat germ is to toast it in the oven on 400F for 5-9 minutes and sprinkle on fruits, yogurts or similar.

In the meantime using whole grain waffles from your freezer cut two little squares. Scrambled egg with little milk, dip pieces in and toast for a minute each side.

Don’t waste your egg leftover, make thin omelette, it’s good for you.
Pick a nice glass or little bowl. Omelette on the bottom, layer yogurt, fruit, tiny bit more yogurt and sprinkle of toasted wheat germ.
Pick your favorite peanut butter and jelly and glue teaspoon of each between two pieces of toast.
Good breakfast, good start!
Wheat germ is amazing, natural source of folic acid.

Wheat germ contributes important nutrients that may be missing in a low-carbohydrate diet or any diet that eliminates starchy foods like breads and other baked goods made with flour. For this reason, those on low-carb diets will often supplement it with wheat germ.
Raw wheat germ provides about 101 calories, 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber. Wheat germ is also a good source of B vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc.

Wheat Germ




  1. Oh yeah, that does sound good. Did you see that there was a blueberry syrup on the other side of that pancake challenge? It topped the strawberry cakes hands-down.

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