Guest Blog Post with Cajun Chef Ryan

I was truly honored when Cajun Chef Ryan decided to promote my blog recipe. Yesterday, My Wandering Spoon had guest blog post with my new recipe and dough creation.
“Amaranth Cups with Rhubarb Pecan filling” is amazing recipe. Cups are light with crunchy texture outside, fluffy inside and filling is truly wonderful. This recipe is gluten free. I always keep that in mind and love to create new and different desserts and more that everybody can enjoy.

For the full recipe please visit Cajun Chef Ryan site at:
I would love to thank Chef Ryan for the opportunity to work with me. He is an amazing chef and at his site you will find many delicious and great quality recipes.
Thank You:)


  1. You make me miss the flavor of rubarb. I love the freshness tune of it. I love this recipe…I’m gonna go check out Cajun Chef Ryan’s blog now :)

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