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From time to time I like to update news from bookstores and library. There are so many wonderful new books for kids and adults which we can explore and learn from.
I chose few most interesting for today.
Currently, I am in love in The Art and Soul of Baking by Sindy Mushet and Sur La Table. It is amazing.

Sur La Table is a long-respected and well-known center and store of sincere and fabulous kitchen ware. Part of their evolution has been to have cooking/baking classes as well as accompanying books that their faithful customers have asked for over the years. This book is absolutely their best yet.
It is just packed with great information. It is 440 pages full of tips, instruction, gorgeous photographs and fabulous recipes. This cookbook covers everything from the basics to information even experienced bakers will find of use. The information and instruction is presented in a very approachable way. This cookbook covers yeast and quick breads, pastries, pies, cookies, cakes, tarts, fruit desserts, custards and puddings, plus souffles, cheesecakes and more. Wonderful.

For kids choice- smart and funny books.
Too Pickley by Jean Reidy, illustration by Genevieve Leloup

“Hip young picture book by this stylish duo-now tackling the trials and tribulations of the picky eater.”

Everything is something but at the end when tummy is rumbling food is good:)

How are you peeling by Saxton Freymann, Joost Elffers is the best-selling Play with Your Food, have been hailed as the Picasso of Pumpkins, the Rodin of Rutabagas, and the Calder of Cabbages. In this amazing new picture book, they team up once again to create food sculptures that embody emotions more fluidly than any human face could.

Fantastic illustrations discrabing moods through healthy fruits and vegetables.
So, next time when you find yourself in the bookstore or library check out these wonderful books, they are really amazing.



  1. People absolutely DO read books! I sit and read cookbooks all the time, many times cover to cover. I’ve actually had this one in my hands at the store, but didn’t bring it home. I think you may have convinced me!!

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