Burgers & Peppers, Grilling Perfection

Here I am again…..busy summer for sure. Always something to do and somewhere to go.
Still, trying to make quick, healthy and satisfying lunch as often as I can. Nothing can beat homemade meal.

This time I whip up some all beef burgers 4% fat and I used light feta cheese to add goodness. For the extra flavor and kids friendly version, spring onions were in, paprika, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Great combination for juicy and super tasty burgers.
I will share with you a secret. When making burgers at home, try to prepare them in advance, let them sit in the fridge for few hours or even overnight, flavor will be fantastic when grilled.
For the side, grilled sweet mini peppers. Colorful and full of vitamins. I like to sprinkled them with drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, grated garlic and spritz of balsamic vinegar.
That’s a perfect grilled lunch…..
How can I forget? Piece of rustic crusted olive bread will add the magic to the bite…..yum:)



  1. I never knew to make burgers in advance…what a great tip! I heard the same thing from a girlfriend about cookie dough. Lunch looks delicious!

  2. Great summer meal! I love the feta you added to it and those peppers look so delicious! Another fantastic meal idea! 🙂

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