Big Island of Hawaii, Delicious Eateries

I was fortunate to spend some time this Summer with my family on Hawaii’s Big Island. It is place like no other, experiencing Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Rainforest, Waipio Valley, Amazing Beaches, Snorkeling with Body Glove and many more.
Since the days are packed with all the activities and so many breath taking places to visit, great meals are must.
Here are some photos that I would love to share and few links for delicious, ultimate and must visit eateries around the island.

Hilo’s Farmers Market, offering fresh local produce

Sweet Rice Taro with Young Coconut

Macademia Nut Butter

Goat Cheese, different flavors

White Sugarloaf Pineapple

Cafe Pesto, Hilo Bay, lovely restaurant

Sandalwood Sandwich, toasted with Japanese eggplant, marinated artichokes, sun dry tomatoes, rosemary gorgonzola cheese on fresh baked French roll, served with purple sweet potato mash

Pesto BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hakalau Sandwich, warm with kalua turkey, spinach, mango chutney, carmelized onions on garlic French bread served with baked potatoes

Kids Meal Harry Potter’s Pizza with cheese and pepperoni

Here is the list of must see must try places:
Breakfast or Lunch place- Dave’s Coffee Shack, delicious pancakes and sweet bread French toast-:)
Lunch place Lighthouse Liquor and Delicatessen, best ever baked whole wheat pretzels, fantastic selection of sandwiches.
Lunch or Dinner, Village Burger, great selection of burgers, great flavors.
There are many more great places to visit, Macademia Nut factories like Mauna Loa, Hamakua plantations, Donkey Balls chocolates, Coffee Farms and many more.
Macademia nuts are most popular nut on the islands, at it comes in many different flavors: sweet, salty, savory or something between. Also very popular are coffee beans dipped in chocolate and made locally delicious brittle candy.

Hope you will like the post, useful guide for the future travelers.