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Rubber Duckies Fondant Toppers, Surf’s Up!!

Surf rubber duckies birthday party idea, SOUNDS GREAT:-)
This is a super party idea for any age and everybody can enjoy the fun of water and cuteness of rubber duckies cupcakes!!

IMG_1097Ducky pool theme party can be at your local Gym, YMCA or any other indoor pool facility available for party rental.

In this case cupcakes were gluten free red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Few tips:

In your pool party invitation, ask the party guests to bring their swimsuits, a change of clothes, flip flops and a towel.

Use fun pool party supplies to pull in the summer theme, oversized beach balls are always a hit!

The entire party time will be taken with the kids swimming and playing together in the pool. Hopefully, you will dive right in and lead some games, or have a few parents who are interested in getting in as well so they can lead games too:

– Have a rubber duck race. Give each child a rubber duck and have them use their noses to move it to the other side of the pool. First one there wins!
– Play water volleyball!
– Have a splash contest from the diving board to see who can make the biggest splash! Make sure to follow pool rules, however!
– Play Shark! Have the birthday kid start off as the shark and tag the fish (the rest of the kids in the pool). As the fish are tagged, they also become sharks. The game is over when the pool is full of sharks!

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