Boudin Sourdough Bakery

Postcard from San Francisco

This is a special foodie post, for everybody who loves to travel, enjoy great food, see places and have fun family time. Last week we visited San Francisco and stroll through the streets of this beautiful and breathtaking city.
Architecture, restaurants, cafes, historic treasures, so many things to see and explore. Best thing is that after long walks trough the city, there is always great place to sit down, relax and enjoy fantastic food, ether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is a great foodie city.
Wayfare Tavern is an amazing restaurant. Food is delicious and the whole experience is absolutely fantastic. For the lunch we chose: Deviled Petaluma Eggs, Tomales Bay Mussels, Chef’s Sandwich. Kids had Cauliflower Soup and Baked Macaroni & Cheese. This is one of my favorite restaurants so far, wonderful experience for the whole family.

“Chef Tyler Florence’s new flagship restaurant is a timeless San Francisco tavern featuring authentic American dishes inspired by local cuisine at the turn of the 20th century.”

Chef’s Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Chutney and Quail egg sauce.

Tomales Bay Mussels, Herbsaint cream, pork belly, sweet potato, celery salt, grilled toast.

Dessert, Pumpkin Pudding with harvest grape jam, pecan clusters, cinnamon/port ice cream. Kids absolutely love this dessert:)

La Boulange bakery was our ultimate breakfast spot.

They have literally breathtaking selection of fresh baked pastry and croissants.

Cafe Latte is their speciality too, it is perfect.

My favorite, Chocolate hazelnut croissant.

Now, let’s talk about bread, Boudin Sourdough is the ultimate bakery and sourdough bread fan experience. This bakery is famous for their soup bread bowl entree.

There is an actual tour of the bakery.

Beautiful aroma of fresh baked bread from early morning to late at night.

Wow, bread in all shapes and sizes.

This is a fun experience for everybody, kids and adults, for all taste buds.

There it is. I hope you liked the post. San Francisco is the must see destination, what a great city….every time.