Detox, Lifestyle and more….

Today instead of recipes I decided to write different kind of post. I hope everybody who read the post will find it beneficial and helpful.
What is Detoxification?
Detoxification is process of either clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing them and hence clearing excess congestion. Fats free radicals and other irritating substances act as toxins.Detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins. The avoidance of chemicals from food or other sources like, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco….helps minimize the toxin load. Drinking extra water and increasing fiber are essential steps.

If you think, just a water in the glass but so important for us to drink every day.
The body will not function properly without enough water and can’t metabolize stored fat efficiently. Drinking water is essential to our system and body.

Why Detox?
To prevent disease, reduce symptoms, cleanse body, rejuvenate, weight loss, clear skin and enhance overall senses.

When NOT not to Detox
– During pregnancy
– If you suffer from major heart disease
– If you are over seventy-five or under twelve
– When you are on prescribed medication (check with your doctor)
– If you are under extreme pressure physically (training for sports competition)
– If you are significantly underweight
It is necessary to consult your doctor or physician if you plan to start detox plan or diet.

Seaweed is super food. Today we can find little packages of seaweed in almost every supermarket. Seaweed can help to boosts the immune system, to help protect against thyroid cancer and other cancers, to helps decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, to detoxifies the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins and boosts weight loss.

Chamomile Tea is a well-known herbal tea commonly considered to possess a relaxing and soothing influence. As well as being consumed as a tea by itself, chamomile is a typical component in herbal tea varieties. It is made use of both as a beverage and as an herbal remedy.
Chamomile tea has a deep background of application in herbal medicine and is typically risk-free to utilize as a drink. Even without health advantages it can certainly be valued as a relaxing drink which get rid of toxins.
Other benefits are: Improves the function of the gastro-intestinal tract, improves the structure of hair and nails and help them to grow, help to detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that has bromelain, a natural enzyme that can detoxify your system starting with your colon. Eat only fresh pineapple to get super benefits from this fruit. It is high in Vitamin C a volatile substance that is easily destroyed by cooking. Pineapple salad made with mango, grated carrots a touch of mint and lemon juice is nice detox for your whole body.
Recently I was part of the wonderful grilling presentation class at the William-Sonoma store. The class was very nice experience. I was really impressed with pineapple easy slicer gadget. So easy to use, really helpful kitchen tool.
“Transform a prickly pineapple into a stack of juicy rings in seconds with the aid of this cleverly designed slicer. Simply insert the shaft into the top of a trimmed pineapple, apply light pressure and twist the handle.Cores and rings a pineapple with a simple twisting motion.Maximizes the amount of usable fruit.Rings come out with no eyes or bits of peel attached.Leaves the core and empty shell behind.Heavy-duty stainless-steel cutting shaft.Dishwasher safe.”
You can find pineapple easy slicer at William-Sonoma stores near you for $19.95.

Today while my kids attended sport practices I spotted this cute goats right in the middle of the field at city of Torrance in Los Angeles. They looked happy and relaxed, peacefully eating grass and making soothing sounds. Goat cheese and milk are fantastic and have many health benefits. Goat’s milk is a very good source of calcium and the amino acid tryptophan. It is also a good source of protein, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and potassium.
My point is, if we look around us a little bit and accept solutions that can really make big positive influence on our overall health and lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Drinking more water, eating fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, exercising and sometimes switch to different kind of foods will have fantastic results and we will feel better and much more energetic.