Spinach and Cheese puff pastry

Zuu-Zuu, Great Little Spinach & Cheese Appetizers

I have to share with you my favorite appetizer-snack from my childhood. Remember walking on the cold winter snowy days and looking through the bakery windows…while bakers place new pans of wonderful, tasty, warm and crispy pastry. Zuu zuu are usually filled with spinach, cheese or mushrooms.

I give my best to make them at home…kids love them.
Sesame on the top is a real kick and everybody who loves sesame in all kinds of dishes and pastry should try these little squares….as soon you put them on the plate – they are gone:)

You will need puff pastry squares, fresh baby spinach, feta or cottage cheese, little sea salt, little pepper, one egg to combine cheese and cut spinach and just a little bit for brushing the top and sticking sesame seeds.

You can use round or square cutter or shape.

Oven is on 350F…baking time 16-20 minutes.

Wonderful appetizer, friends, family, kids will love it.
Easy to make…best if served warm.
Happy Holidays Everybody!