Super Mario birthday idea

Super Mario Marshmallow Fondant Birthday Cake

Yesterday my little boy turned 7 and he had special request for the birthday cake,
Super Mario Bros theme, with as many characters as possible….I did some research and decided to take the next step, create and make my own Super Mario cake.

Day one was making chocolate cake with semi sweet chocolate frosting from scratch. Day two, making and creating homemade marshmallow fondant.
This process involves coloring and hand work to create the shapes and cake theme as best as possible. What a fun and creative process it was. I was enjoying every step of it. In fact, I am so happy with the result that I’m thinking and planning to start making different kinds of decorations from fondant for future cakes and cupcakes. Best of all homemade marshmallow fondant has very nice texture and taste and doesn’t spoil the overall taste of the cake. Here is a few images how cake looked like and the party table with all the paper goods and toy decorations.

If you have any questions in regrets of the cake, please contact me, thank you!
I hope you like it, thanks for looking:)